In Transition at B&N

If you shop at Barnes and Noble, you might notice my books disappearing this week. They’ll reappear, probably by the end of the week. The only ones that will stay put are the installments of Dangerous that are up for pre-order (A and N are there), and Submission, which already is shipping by this new route.

What’s going on is that I’m changing out the distribution from one method to another. I’m hoping that this is fairly painless, but we’ll see. I’m also hoping that this will fix the glitch that has kept my books from appearing in search results on the Nook UK store. I’ll have to update the buy links here on the site once everything is done.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Nook UK

I’ve learned that my books don’t come up on the Nook UK site when you search for them, using their search engine. The only title that appears is Celebration. I thought they weren’t there at all, which made no sense as they’ve been published there. It turns out that they ARE there, but the search engine doesn’t find them.

So, the good people at B&N Nook have given me direct links to my books. I’ve updated the pages for each series this morning with those buy links and the ones for Apple and Sony. I’ll also get the permanent links for KOBO before updating my anthology page.

The only way you’ll find my books on Nook UK is by following these links – their site doesn’t even display as “more from this author”. Celebration pops up on the page for some titles, but not for many of them.

This is very strange, but I’m not alone in it. Maybe that means B&N will fix their search engine soon. Until then, follow the links!

Direct to Barnes and Noble

I’ve uploaded everything directly to B&N today and the books are now available for sale on their site. Right now, there are two copies of everything (except SWITCH) displayed, because the editions coming from Smashwords have yet to be removed. This should get resolved in the next week or so. (And it doesn’t matter which you buy – I’ll get paid either way!)

What will happen, though, is that all the reviews and ratings posted on the older editions will disappear along with them. So, if you have previously posted a review or rating at B&N for one of my books, or you’d like to do so now, I’d really appreciate it.

This is one of those mildly painful things that will make everything easier in the long run. You saw how quickly SWITCH was available at B&N – in future, all new books will be published there that way.

The B&N links on the pages on the tab (The Plume, The Wedding, Anthologies) are all to the new editions. You can tell which ones they are, as well, because they have no ratings or reviews, and right now, they have no cover images. That’ll probably change tonight. They also don’t have Smashwords listed as the publisher.