SUBMISSION is #1 on the Amazon Erotica list on Amazon.co.uk.


I’m so excited!. Thanks to everyone who has downloaded a copy – and even more thanks to everyone who has gone on to read the other books in The Plume series.

SUBMISSION is #29 on the same list for Amazon.com, which is also an exciting thing. Now we know – readers like free samples. 🙂


Both SUBMISSION and SURRENDER have been distributed through Smashwords to B&N, Sony, KOBO, Diesel, Apple and Scrollmotion. It takes time for them to show up in all those places, apparently. Neither book has been shipped yet to KOBO or Sony, for example. They did ship to B&N on October 28,  so this morning, I had a peek at B&N to see how we were doing.

Both novellas are listed there for sale, but neither has a cover image (it’s listed as unavailable) and neither has a description. Here they are:



Are my stories and covers too naughty for B&N? Or does this page just take time to populate?

Why would anyone buy a book without being able to see the cover or a blerb about the story?