ISBN#’s and New Editions

Here’s another thing that I’ve been straightening out this winter! I now have ISBN#’s for my books. This won’t be a visible change for you on upcoming titles, but there will be some changes in backlist titles on two portals, Kobo and iBooks.

Portals usually use the ISBN# or a substitute as a tracking number, so it’s not a piece of information that can be updated or changed once the book has been published. The thing with both iBooks and Kobo is that they don’t transfer reviews between editions of a book. So, at those portals, when I unpublish the old editions and publish new editions, with ISBN#’s, the book will lose its reviews. In the hope that they both change their systems soon, I’ll start with books that don’t have many or any reviews. All new books will go out with ISBN#’s. Other portals link all the editions of a book together, so the change will be invisible to you.

Claimed, an Erotic Romance by Ella Ardent• If you had pre-ordered Claimed at Kobo, you probably got a message on Friday or Saturday that you wouldn’t be getting it after all. That’s because the old edition – which you pre-ordered – has been unpublished. There’s a new edition, with an ISBN#, right here. Sorry to make trouble for you, but you just need to pre-order the new one to get the book right on time on the 22nd.

• And then there’s iBooks. Because there were quite a few pre-orders for Claimed there, I published the edition that was already set to go. I have been delivering books to iBooks via Smashwords, but will be publishing directly to Apple from this point onward. By the end of the month, I’ll make a new version of Claimed available at iBooks and cancel the existing one. Please wait to post your review!

Her Dark Prince, an erotic fairy tale by Ella Ardent• If you had pre-ordered Her Dark Prince from Smashwords or iBooks, that version has been cancelled. There will be a new version at iBooks soon. I apologize for any inconvenience. I had already added the ISBN to the version at Kobo, so it’s good to go.

• The first books to have their editions replaced will be The Phoenix stories. This won’t affect the book files that you’ve bought – they’ll still be yours – but should make my books available in more places in future.

About Apple Distribution

Some of you have been asking why Switch isn’t available at Apple yet. I’ve asked Smashwords again, and it turns out that my suspicions were right – there’s been a change in Apple’s process. They added some new content rules and processes in late February or early March, one of which is to try to ensure that minors can’t buy erotica from Apple’s site. So, even though they will continue to sell erotica, the review process for erotica has changed.

Apple reviews all files manually before posting digital books for sale as part of their quality control process. That’s why it takes one or two weeks for books to appear there after distribution. BUT the change means that works labelled as erotica now are subject to another review that can take 8 more weeks. So, the process of review can be three months for erotica for the Apple site.

And you’ve guessed it – Switch is in the midst of that process. There’s no telling how long it will take for it to appear on their site. The first transmission of the book to Apple was in mid-February, then it was sent again March 3. I’m not even sure which would be the start date they’d be counting from. 😦

At least we now know what’s going on and what to expect.