Sold and Claimed

Sold, an Erotic Romance by Ella Ardent

I’m putting up the pre-orders this week for Sold, book #5 of The Phoenix, and Claimed, book #6 of The Phoenix. They’re available for pre-order at Smashwords, iBooks, Kobo and Amazon.

Sold will go on sale January 19, 2016. The book is just about done and I would have liked to have made it available sooner. But editing and formatting take longer than they used to, plus many of the portals shut down through the holidays and don’t post new content then. We might make it, but we might not—and if there’s an issue, there will be no one to contact. So, I figured it would be less stressful to release the book in the new year, to leave time for the inevitable backlog to be processed at the portals, and avoid panic.

You might notice that the description has changed. It turned out that I had the wrong end of this story, which was partly why I stalled out last year. It couldn’t be written that way. Once I found the flaw in my thinking, the storyline sorted itself out—almost like magic—and the book has fallen out of my fingertips. Writing like this is just wonderful, and such a relief!

Claimed, an Erotic Romance by Ella Ardent

Claimed will go on sale March 22. It’s flowing as well, so there are no fears of cancellation this time. (I always knew this story!) The main characters in this story are Kendra and Reid from Dangerous—Rex helps them to take their relationship to a new level.

After that, we’ll have the second Phoenix collection, and a new project from a new series that I think you’ll like. (This is part of that collaboration I mentioned earlier—I’ll tell you more about it once I have the covers.) There will be three more Phoenix novellas to complete that series, but the publication schedule is still in the works.

Kindle Unlimited

I’m trying an experiment with Kindle Unlimited, which starts today. For February, March and April, the first three of the Plume novellas will be enrolled in KDP Select, which means that you will be able to borrow them if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited. That’s these books – Submission, Surrender and Seduction.

Submission, first in the Plume Series of erotic novellas by Ella Ardent

New cover for Surrender, #2 of the Plume Series by Ella Ardent

Seduction, #3 of The Plume series by Ella Ardent

The Plume: The First Anthology won’t be enrolled, but will only be available from Amazon, because of the guidelines for KDP Select.

The Plume: The First Anthology by Ella Ardent

I’m hoping to find some new readers – and new fans of Rex! – so would appreciate your help in spreading the word. 🙂

Here’s my Amazon page.

New Print Editions

The three erotic romances in the Wedding Trilogy are now available in print individually. They’re up on Createspace today and will perk through to Amazon over the weekend, then out to other portals next week.

The Best Man by Ella ArdentNow available in print from Createspace.

Always a Bridesmaid by Ella ArdentNow available in print from Createspace.

Forever Bound by Ella ArdentNow available in print from Createspace.

The Wedding Anthology by Ella Ardent
Of course, the complete collection also remains available in print and digital.
Available at Amazon.
Available at Amazon UK.
Available at Createspace.


I posted this on FB last week, but you probably didn’t all see it there – and Sacha asked about it on The Phoenix page.

The Phoenix novellas will be published in print editions, just as The Plume stories and the Wedding stories are. (You can see those collections right here.)

I had originally thought that the first collection would include Revealed, Harnessed, Hunted and Haunted, but Revealed came out a good bit longer than anticipated. So, Tales From The Phoenix I will include Revealed, Harnessed and Hunted. I’m hoping to have a cover to show you in the next week or so, and to have it up for pre-order by the middle of the month with a November publication date. Stay tuned!