New Plume Boxed Set

The Plume: The Complete Series is now available as a boxed set.


This is a huge book! What’s interesting about it is that the individual novellas are erotica (because they don’t always have an HEA) but the whole series together is an erotic romance. Joanna’s story, from her introduction to the Plume to her happy ending, is the spine of the story, and that makes it a romance.

When reporter Joanna joins the exclusive sex club called The Plume in search of the truth, she expected to be stirred by the BDSM games played in this haven for pleasure and pain. But there are surprises in store, from the Master Rex’s knowledge of her secret desires before she admits to them, to her own growing need to play The Plume’s games, to the revelation that Mike, the man she loves, was once a member of the club. How can she choose between Rex and Mike, between pleasure and passion? And when she does, how far will she go to protect the relationship she wants forever, body and soul?

This volume includes all nine erotic novellas in The Plume Series, as well as an excerpt from Revealed, the first book in The Phoenix Series.

Right now, the digital version is available exclusively at Kobo.

The print edition is available exclusively at Amazon or Createspace.

Celebration & Sale

Change comes to all of us, whether we look for it or not. This year has been one of transition for me, which is both good and bad – the biggest change is that I’m not writing my stories anymore. The writing is just not happening. I don’t know what comes next in the Phoenix, even though the story was once clear to me. I had hoped this would be just a phase of writers’ block, but there’s no sign of it coming to an end.

So, it’s time to celebrate the works I’ve published in the last couple of years: the Plume and the Phoenix, the Wedding and Dangerous.

Thanks to all of you who have enjoyed this ride with me. I really appreciate your support for my books, and have always been glad to hear when you enjoyed them. We’ve had some great conversations, and this might be what I miss most. I had a lot of fun writing these stories and bringing characters like Rex to all of you.

Much as the characters in the Plume celebrated both an ending and a beginning, I’m going to celebrate this transition, too. All of my stories are now on sale in their digital editions. Some are free, most are 99 cents while the anthologies and collections are $2.99.

Find my books on Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, Smashwords and B&N.

Print Editions

After several weeks of back and forth with the graphic designer, I’m admitting defeat. We just can’t find a look that’s right for the collections of The Phoenix stories in print. I love the peacock feathers on the Plume series collections, but a similar look just didn’t come together.

But, I was whining to another author friend of mine, and she said “why don’t you just publish them individually in print editions?” It’s so obvious, and I feel dumb that I didn’t think of it before.

Right now, there are print editions of the individual Phoenix stories in the works. I expect the print editions of the first three stories will be available at least from Createspace by the end of this week, maybe even from Amazon as well. I’ve also set up the Wedding trilogy in individual print editions, so you’ll be able to buy just one of those novellas in print, if that’s your choice.

My question for you is this: would you prefer to have the Plume novellas available individually in print, or do the collections work for you?

Hunted on Sale

Once upon a time, two partners built a wildly successful private BDSM club called The Plume, a place where every erotic fantasy could safely come true. When The Plume was destroyed and its members scattered, the partners decided not just to begin again but to improve on the original.

Welcome to The Phoenix, an international private BDSM club, risen from the ashes of The Plume. Once again, all erotic fantasies are possible and secret desires can be fulfilled.

Hunted by Ella Ardent

III – Hunted

Shara has always dreamed of being hunted—by three men of her choice, and used by the captor for his pleasure. As a birthday present to herself, she arranges to have her fantasy fulfilled on the private Caribbean island run by The Phoenix. But Shara isn’t counting on the fantasies of the men she’s selected, much less that each will interpret the rules in his own way. The game begins early—and may continue long after the official hunt is over.

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News About The Phoenix

It’s been quiet around here, but I’ve been working. (Have you?!)

My plan for the Phoenix has been refined – it will be an open-ended series of erotic romances, all set in the same world. Some of the same characters will have ongoing roles, but you won’t have to read the stories in order.

Right now, the scheme is to launch in May, with a short story introducing the series called Revealed, and also the first erotic romance novella in the series, which will be called Harnessed. I’m hoping to have some new covers to show to you soon.

My hope is also to always have the next novella available for pre-order, where possible, when one is published. So, I’ll get the pre-order for Revealed and Harnessed up soon. The on-sale date will likely be mid-May, by which point the pre-order for Hunted will be up. I’m aiming to publish novellas at 60 day intervals.

I learned a lot about pre-orders with Dangerous, including how difficult it is to manage them. I will distribute directly to B&N and KOBO in future, which means there will be pre-orders at KOBO at least. There might be pre-orders at Apple, depending on the length of their approval process. Of course, there will be pre-orders at Smashwords, too.

Stay tuned! I’m hoping to have some covers to show you soon.

Dangerous, the Complete Novel

Fantasy can be the most deadly game of all…

When a woman with a hunger for risk challenges a man who needs to possess, nothing can quench the passion that sparks between them—except a secret from the past, one that will seal their fates together forever or destroy them both.

Kendra Jones thought it was harmless fun to pose for pin-up pictures for her unhappily-married boss—until he suddenly sold the company. Kendra knew she had to retrieve the pictures from his office before the new owner discovered them, but arrived too late—not only has he found the file, but he’s chosen a few favorite shots to keep for himself. Worse, he’s Reid Stirling, a sexy millionaire entrepreneur Kendra’s always admired. When Reid suggests she become his personal assistant in every way, Kendra seizes the chance to explore her fantasies. As their mutually satisfying game becomes obsessive, neither realizes that it’s put Kendra in the sights of a stalker determined to make Reid pay for his sins of the past.

Dangerous, an erotic romance by Ella Ardent

Dangerous, the Complete Erotic Romance Novel

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