Submission and Free-dom


One of the things that is pretty frustrating about digital publishing is my lack of control of pricing — at one particular portal. It is part of Amazon’s Terms of Service that they control the price of the book – the price I set is subject to their approval and/or modification. They will not allow authors to make a book free on Amazon (unless that title is enrolled in their KDP Select program, which requires that the book be available only at Amazon). They may match a free price at another portal or not, at their discretion. On their various portals in different countries, they have the same right to manage prices.

It had been my  plan to leave SUBMISSION free for a while, at least through January. That’s been a pretty effective promotion strategy for this series, probably because it gives readers a sample. SUBMISSION is no longer free at this morning, and has not been free at all of their portals ever.

If you would like to see SUBMISSION free in your territory, you (as a consumer) can report a lower price to Amazon. If enough people do this, they may choose to match the free price. Just scroll down the product page – right above the bar chart for customer reviews, you’ll see a hotlink Tell Us About a Lower Price. That opens a window for you to paste in the link to another portal that has the same title free. I would love to have the title be free through the new year, so would appreciate your help in reporting. I hear that the best links to report are KOBO and Apple. If you do report a link, please make sure it’s the link specific to your territory. (That’s important with iTunes.)

I’ll put all the links here just for your reference. The prices at Amazon are as of this minute – they can change at any time.

Free at Smashwords
Free at All Romance eBooks
Free at Sony
Free at KOBO
Free at Barnes and Noble
Free at Apple iTunes US

$2.01 at
Free at
1.64 euros at
Free at
Free at
1.64 euros at
$1.99 at
R4.14 at
Y158 at

Thank you all! I’m off to put the finishing touches on FOREVER BOUND and will let you know when it’s available.


SUBMISSION is #1 on the Amazon Erotica list on


I’m so excited!. Thanks to everyone who has downloaded a copy – and even more thanks to everyone who has gone on to read the other books in The Plume series.

SUBMISSION is #29 on the same list for, which is also an exciting thing. Now we know – readers like free samples. 🙂

Last Fling in KDP Select

As many of you have noticed, DECEPTION has been available exclusively at Amazon for the past three months. It’s enrolled in a program called KDP Select there, and its term in the program ends July 5. On July 6, I’ll publish it at Smashwords and ARe, and from SW, it’ll make its way to Apple, B&N, and all the other outlets.

But one of the features of the KDP Select program is that the book can be free for five days during its term. DECEPTION will be free for its last five days in the program, July 1 to July 5. I’m thinking of it as a holiday weekend celebration!

Here’s the link.

Hot Summer Nights BlogHop

Skye Warren has arranged an erotica and erotic romance bloghop, to start the summer off right, and I’ve joined the conga line. There are over 100 participating erotica authors and bloggers, AND there are prizes, too!

First, let’s talk about summer. Summer has strong associations for me, so I’ll try to work them all into this post.

First off, summer is a time of new experiences and a chance to try new things. I remember that sense of freedom at the end of the last day of school and the sense that anything could happen in the months ahead. Summer is exciting. Summer is a time to experiment and sample new experiences.

Like, maybe, joining a private BDSM club…

I write linked series with continuing characters. My series, The Plume, is set at a private BDSM club called (surprise) The Plume. Have you ever fantasized about joining such a club? In the first erotic novella of the series, SUBMISSION, Joanna the reporter goes undercover to get the real story of the Plume. The truth is that she has some secret fantasies of her own, which is why she volunteered for the assignment. It’s fall when Joanna first enters the Plume, but you can follow her inside the notorious club and share her experience this summer. You might find it pretty hot inside the Plume! (Or you might find the co-owner, Rex, to be pretty hot.)

These novellas are erotica – although individual characters will find their happily-ever-afters over the course of the series, each novella might not end with one. Each novella does, however, have plenty of sex, and at least one interval of wild abandon within the Plume.

Currently, the first four novellas set at the Plume are available: SUBMISSION, SURRENDER, SEDUCTION and DECEPTION. The first three novellas are also available in an anthology, either digitally or in print.

The next installment in the Plume series is EXHIBITION, which will be published very soon.

Summer is also about free samples, and by perfect coincidence, SUBMISSION is currently free. Read more about the Plume series and get the links, right here.



Summer is a time for weddings, as well. My upcoming series of erotic romances takes place at a wedding and is called The Wedding. The bride’s fantasy is to have a perfect  wedding at a romantic Caribbean resort, so her friends and family make the trip to see her exchange vows with her one true love. Of course, weddings are emotional events and ones that seem to invite disaster – this wedding doesn’t shape up to be quite as perfect as planned. There are guests determined to make the most of the romantic setting, guests indulging themselves with vacation sex, plus a “happy couple” with major doubts. Rules get broken, people take chances and everything comes right in the end. The Wedding is coming soon – eye candy is right here.

Summer is about prizes. You can win a signed print copy of THE PLUME: THE FIRST ANTHOLOGY by adding a comment to this blog post. Let’s talk about experimentation – in your comment to enter the contest, tell me what you’d like to try out for the first time this summer.

You have until June 24 to enter.

Finally, summer is often about roadtrips. You can do that vicariously by continuing along the bloghop road to visit other participating authors and bloggers. There are lots of authors participating, a prize at every blog AND an overall gift basket of digital books to keep you busy reading for a while. Here’s the number one stop on the list and here’s the linky list of participants.

Have fun!