Small Technical Issue

While I was sick, I uploaded all of my books directly to KOBO – that’s the kind of job that doesn’t take a lot of energy or concentration. They’re all there now, BUT the ratings and reviews have disappeared.

I’ve added the new tracking numbers to Goodreads, as this should help the Goodreads reviews to appear on the KOBO site. But KOBO tells me that there need to be reviews and ratings on the KOBO site to prompt the feed from Goodreads.

This is where you come in. 🙂 If you’ve bought one of my books from KOBO, could you please review it on their site and rate it? Also, if you did that before, it will be gone – the directly uploaded book appears as a new book, and the data from the older version is lost – so I’d appreciate if you could do it again.

All Ella titles on KOBO are in this listing right here.

Thank you! This is a bit painful, but it means that new books will be available more quickly to you KOBO shoppers, and also that I’ll have more control over the pricing etc., on the books.

I’ve just discovered that I can upload directly to Barnes and Noble as well (YAY!) so next week, you Nook users will have the same request from me.

Now, back to finishing SWITCH…


It’s official – I hate typos.

It doesn’t seem to matter how many times a piece is proofread, there’s always another one lurking! The sneaky typos are the ones that are real words but aren’t the right word in the right place. (There would be three sneaky typos, for example, if I had typed “…but aren’t the right works in the rite play.”) Spellcheckers miss those ones.

I’ve been proofreading the first three novellas – again – as prep for the anthology and found a few more. (grrr) So, they’re fixed in the anthology – both digital and POD editions. Plus, I’ve uploaded new versions of the first three novellas to Kindle and Smashwords, just FYI.

And now, on to new work!