New Links at iBooks

Claimed, an Erotic Romance by Ella Ardent

As discussed a while ago, I’m changing the delivery of my books at some portals. First to be done at The Phoenix titles at iBooks. Because I’m now delivering directly to iBooks (instead of through Smashwords) these books have new Apple ID’s, which means they have new links.

At this point, reviews don’t transfer between editions of a book, so changing the delivery means losing the reviews. :-/ That’s true at both Kobo and iBooks, but I’m hoping it will change sometime soon.

As of this morning, these books have new iBooks links:

RevealedHer Dark Prince, an erotic fairy tale by Ella Ardent






Tales of the Phoenix

Also, there’s a new pre-order link for Her Dark Prince.

Pre-Order The Phoenix

I’ve added pre-order links where possible for the next three Phoenix stories: Haunted, Sold and Claimed. I can set pre-orders up at Smashwords, iBooks, and Kobo up to a year in advance, but only for the next 90 days at Amazon. C’est la vie!

They are more spaced out than would be ideal, but there are penalties for missing the upload date on a pre-order, so I’m erring on the side of caution! My hope is that I’ll get them all finished up and catch up, so that the ones after that can be published more quickly in succession. Fingers crossed!

You can find the links on The Phoenix page, right here, along with the copy for each one.