The April Update

The Wedding Collection of three contemporary romancesby Ella ArdentThere isn’t much news to report this month, although I’m writing again and things are quietly happening here.

The print editions of Dangerous, His Lost Princess, and The Wedding have perked out to all of the portals (even Indigo!) so I’ve updated the links here on the site. I also tweaked some of the details, so you should see slightly better pricing on print editions at your portal of choice.

Happy spring and I’ll talk to you next month!

The March Update

What’s new this month?

Submission, book one of the Plume Series by Ella ArdentWell, first off, I caved. LOL! I now have a Facebook page, and you can like it right here.

Secondly, I’ve been republishing ebooks.

The Plume Series is available at all retailers again.

I also created a new edition of Submission and distributed it everywhere. It’s a free read at Apple, Nook and Smashwords, so you can try out the Plume Series if you haven’t already. (Amazon may match the free price. It’s 99 cents there.) It’s the only one of the nine original novellas that’s available on its own, so you can continue the series with one of the Plume Collections.

The Best Man, first in The Wedding series of contemporary romances by Ella ArdentThe Wedding Series is available at all retailers again. The Best Man is 99-cents at all retailers as a series starter – it’s free at Apple, Nook and Smashwords. Again, Amazon may match the free price. It’s 99 cents there.

The two books in the Tales from Euphoria series are available at all retailers again.

Third, I’ve been working on print editions. The three Plume Collections (not the complete series) are published directly to Amazon, as is The Wedding Collection and Dangerous. This gives the paperbacks a slightly better price there.

I’ve also republished all of the trade paperbacks through Ingrams. The cool thing  is that Ingrams’ editions are available everywhere—they’ll supply Her Dark Prince and His Lost Princess to Amazon, as well as to other Amazon companies like The Book Depository. Your local bookstore can even order my books for you. And libraries can order them, too.

Fourth – yikes, what a busy month this has been! – there’s a new ebook portal open called Eden Books. It looks as if they’ll be specializing in steamy romance, but it’s early days yet. I’ve uploaded The Plume and The Wedding there. You can find my books on their site, right here.

And now, it’s time to get back to writing! I hope you’ve had a productive month, too.

Print Editions

I’ve made print editions available again through Ingrams. This means that in addition to the links provided here on the website, you can order them at ANY bookstore.

The print editions of the three Plume Collections and Dangerous are published directly to Amazon in editions only for Amazon. This makes the price there slightly better. The Amazon edition of The Wedding Collection is processing and should be live soon, maybe even later today.

A couple of things…

The Phoenix collections are available only in print editions. I might make digital bundles again, but will do new covers if I decide to do that. Right now, the print editions have the original covers.

Tales from the Phoenix: The Second Collection by Ella ArdentMy edition of Tales from the Phoenix: the Second Collection isn’t showing up on Amazon. The copies listed for sale are all third-party copies: you can tell because the product page looks like this:

It says the book will ship from someone other than Amazon. Third party sellers add a mark-up somewhere – either their prices are higher, or they have higher shipping charges. Shipping may also be delayed since Amazon isn’t doing the fulfillment. The copy from Ingrams, if and when it shows up on Amazon, will be eligible for free shipping, and will be priced at $14.99 US.

The Wedding Collection of three contemporary romancesby Ella ArdentThe print editions of The Wedding Collection and Dangerous seem to be making slow progress to the portals. There also are copies available of The Plume Collections with the old covers, especially at Indigo , and it’s possible they still have some stock to sell. Be sure if/when you order that you’re getting the edition you want.

I hadn’t formatted and uploaded a print edition of His Lost Princess to Ingrams yet so have done that. It’s working its way out the distribution channels now.

His Lost Princess, #2 of the Euphoria series of fairy tale romances by Ella ArdentFinally, the ebook for His Lost Princess is available in wide distribution again.

Available at:
Books2Read Universal Link (for other Amazon stores and international stores)

New Books2Read Universal Links

Here’s another solution to finding my books in your Amazon store, if you’re living outside of the US. I’ve added Books2Read Universal links to the book pages. I’m quite impressed with these, actually.

When you click the Books2Read link for a book, like The Best Man, here on my site, you’ll be directed to a landing page. In this case, that landing page is right here. In case you don’t feel like clicking, it looks like this:

Books2Read landing page for The Best Man by Ella Ardent

Of course, the book is only shown as being available for Kindle, because it’s enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. If it was available at other stores, their logos would all be displayed in a row.

If you click that link, Books2Read will direct you to the book page in your local Amazon store (UK, CA, DE, whatever) based upon the location of your internet service provider (ISP). It redirects, exactly as Amazon does not. How cool is that? Also, Books2Read will remember your preferred store and take you directly there when you click on their link in future, on this site or any others.

So, you can use the link for the US store and the Books2Read universal link for all other Amazon stores.

I also end up with a landing page for ALL of my books through this service: Ella Ardent.

On another note, I added links for the print editions of the Plume anthologies to the site. Amazon is rejecting the cover for the Wedding collection and also the one for the complete Plume, so I’m hoping my designer can sort it out. This is weird, because they were fine before, but we’ll get it solved.

Moving On to 2017

Let’s start with a Happy Thanksgiving wish for everyone in the United States. I hope you and yours have traveled safely and are enjoying a wonderful meal and good times together.

And now, for this big update post.

About a year ago, I went to a writers’ conference and met with a number of publishing industry professionals. I came home with a long list of things to do with my books and their distribution, based on their advice. I was excited. I had Plans. Things were going to go to the next level.

The disappointing thing is that, in the vast majority of cases, following this advice has proven to be frustrating, time-consuming and detrimental to my book sales. That I haven’t had time to write much – or publish as much as I wanted – while doing this hasn’t helped at all.

One of the things that made the results even worse is that there’s  been a change this year at the various portals. The word “erotic” is now apparently used as a flag for content that should be made less easy to discover. It’s as if someone somewhere decided that “erotic” is code for “porn” – although all of us know that’s not true. Each portal seems to have their own variation of this, none of it is documented or declared outright, and it’s a huge change.

This means that my strategy of giving each of the Phoenix books the subtitle “An Erotic Romance”, which seemed to be such a good idea at the time, has turned out to be a very bad idea. :-/ I’ve removed that subtitle from the digital books, but it can’t be removed from the mini-book editions produced by Createspace. I think these mini-book editions are so cute, but they don’t sell, and part of the reason they don’t sell has to be that no one can find them. I’ve added direct links to the Phoenix pages for these print editions here on my site, which you can follow to the print book product page at Amazon. They’re not always linked to the digital edition.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. The end result – which is the important bit – is that here I am, a year wiser 🙂 and ready to get back to the real business of writing and publishing my books instead of mucking around with endless busy work.

What’s on the calendar for 2017?

His Lost Princess, #2 of the Euphoria series of fairy tale romances by Ella ArdentFirstHis Lost Princess will be published at the end of December. This is the second fairy tale in my Euphoria series and is based on Cinderella. I really like the story – Ellie saves the prince with her love – and hope you do, as well.

Another lesson learned here – the end of December is a bad time to publish a new work as the various portals run on lower staff or even shut down departments, so publishing of new titles may be delayed. We’ll have to see how that works out. This will probably be my last release ever scheduled for the end of December.

Second – I’m revising Dangerous into three installments, which will be published with new covers in 2017. I’m excited about this project and can’t wait to see the new covers. I’m hoping to have them to show to you in December.

The Wedding Collection of three contemporary romancesby Ella ArdentThird – an exciting new opportunity! Both Amazon KDP and B&N Nook have opened portals for publishing print editions for sale at their specific portal. These are print-on-demand, like the editions from Createspace and Ingrams, but the pricing works out much better. This is because there’s no expanded distribution – at Createspace, the pricing worked out well if the book was only available at Amazon, but to make it available elsewhere (like B&N) there had to be a margin added for wholesaling, which meant the book’s price was higher. Doing an Amazon edition for Amazon and a B&N edition for B&N, both at a lower price point, takes care of the two big markets for my print editions. I’ve set up The Wedding and the new Plume editions at both portals, and the prices will be $9.99US for most of them instead of $14.99US. (The exception is The Plume: The Third Collection which is longer so has a higher cost. It’s $15.99 in wide distribution but will be $10.99 at either portal.) So, this is a pretty exciting new option.

The goofy thing about it is that all the portals (Amazon, Nook, Ingrams) use paper for the book interior that is slightly different in thickness, which means that the spine of the book cover has to be adjusted for each portal. I explored KDP and Nook’s new options after my cover designer had finished the Ingrams editions of these new covers, so I’m back in her queue for the variations of the covers. Once those are done, the KDP and Nook editions of the five books with new covers will go live. I’m hoping it’ll be before the end of the year, but she’s busy and I want the Dangerous covers, too. 🙂

The Best Man, first in The Wedding series of contemporary romances by Ella ArdentFourth – I’m trying an experiment at Instafreebie. This portal allows readers to get free reads, usually in exchange for subscribing to the author’s newsletter. From now through December 4, you can download a free copy of The Best Man at Instafreebie right here. On December 5, I’ll have to decide whether or not to continue there after my experiment. If you do grab a copy, I’d appreciate you leaving a review online, at Goodreads, your blog or FB, or any other portal. Thanks!

Fifth – in 2017, the Phoenix novellas will get new covers, as so will the Phoenix Collections. (I haven’t published Marked because it’ll be easier to just publish it once, when the new covers are done.) I’m plotting out the culmination of that series, so all the covers can match and the series can be finished in 2017. There will be nine novellas altogether in the Phoenix series, and three collections. The titles are going to change slightly, but if you’ve already bought them, the new editions will be downloadable at your portal of choice as updates. Note that when the new covers are done and published, those cute little mini-books from Createspace will disappear forever. Collect them now if you like them!

Sixth – This is the tease. 🙂 As well as continuing the Euphoria series, I’m sketching out two new series to launch next year. One is called The Men of the Plume and you can guess who is going to get his HEA as part of that series. The other series is still a secret. More about those as we get through this list and they come closer to publication.

Phew. There are my plans for the year ahead. I hope you’ll be reading along with me!