The Plume Series #8
Welcome to the Plume – where members are bound by desire and fantasies come true…

Rex decides to make a new beginning, before he’s tempted all over again. Athena exacts her vengeance upon the Count, then embarks on a new adventure. Joanna teaches Mike a lesson and learns more than she anticipated. Mike is determined to save his relationship with Joanna, never realizing just how much less submissive she’s become.

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And I’m Back!

Two bits of good news for you today. Not only have I crawled back to the land of the living, but Joanna told me what was wrong with SWITCH. She’s brilliant, but her idea means rewriting or revising everything about her and Mike in the novella.

I’m hoping for publication this Thursday. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, I’ve uploaded everything directly to KOBO. It was so easy that I could even do it when I was sick.

Here’s hoping none of you have caught this virus.


I promised you an update or a buy link today, and you can see from the title which one you’re getting.

Incredibly, Rex behaved himself beautifully this time. Joanna is a bit muddled up and indecisive (as usual), but Mike is more than ready to tell her what to do. Athena, however, is making me crazy. She wants about 100,000 words to “straighten things out with the Count” as she says, but I’m trying to encourage some restraint.


I know you don’t want to hear this, but I’m a week away from being done. 😦

Katie suggested that this series (or maybe the next one) should be longer, but I’m not sure we could all take the torment!


I “met” someone from KOBO online this past week, and have learned something wonderful. It seems that I can publish directly to KOBO without having ISBN#’s. I thought otherwise. So, I’ll be setting that up and publishing everything directly to KOBO in the next week or two. That will mean that new titles will be available there sooner, which is very exciting. I like Smashwords, but sometimes the feed to other portals is really really slow.

I would have to have ISBN#’s to go directly to Apple (and I hear that it’s harder to do) so you Apple people will have to continue to be patient. I’ll keep listening, and maybe will learn something that will enable that to change this year, too.

Edited to add – I’m going to modify this plan slightly. I’ll finish SWITCH first, publish it directly to KOBO and everywhere else, THEN go back and move the other titles to feed directly to KOBO.