The Best Man on Special


My erotic romance, The Best Man, is the first of the three linked novellas in the Wedding Trilogy. These stories all take place during a wedding at a Caribbean resort. The Best Man is currently a free read at iBooks and KOBO. It’s 99 cents at B&N and at Amazon, although Amazon might match the free price point in some markets. This special promotion will last through April 30.

Also, on April 24, The Best Man will be the Shopping Cart Daily Deal at All Romance eBooks. That means that if you buy anything at ARe that day, or even pick up a free read there, you’ll be able to buy a copy of The Best Man for half price.

Please pick up a copy for yourself – everyone needs a naughty read sometimes! – and help me to spread the word.

Always A Bridesmaid

Late! But better late than never, right?

You are invited to a wedding…

• where a mysterious lover fulfills a secret fantasy – and finds his own dream come true.
• where a disappointed woman finds true love – in the most unlikely of places.
• where the bride and groom have second thoughts – but discover a happy-ever-after beyond their wildest dreams. 

Fiona has been happy to always be a bridesmaid: she loves short term relationships and too much variety to commit to one man. Kade is as different from her usual boy toys as a man can be, but there’s something about him that excites Fiona. Can she satisfy her attraction to him without him changing her mind about commitment? Or will one taste of Kade just leave Fiona hungry for more?

Always a Bridesmaid
#2 in The Wedding Trilogy
Available at Amazon.
Available at Smashwords.
Available at All Romance eBooks.
Also available at Apple, Sony, KOBO and Barnes&Noble.

An Update

I’m writing away, honest and true! And here’s what you can expect in the next couple of weeks.

ALWAYS A BRIDESMAID is just a tweak away. Fiona gave me some trouble, but we’re all sorted out now. (As soon as Kade got determined, everything was fine.) I expect to publish AAB – which is the second story in The Wedding trilogy – by Monday.

After that will be FOREVER BOUND, #3 in The Wedding trilogy. This one is perking along – lots of good BDSM fun for the happy couple – so it will be published soon. Two weeks, worst case. I’m aiming for it to be a week after AAB but Stuff Happens.

Then, it’s time for EXPOSURE, story #6 in The Plume series. My cover artist is on vacation, so we still need to do the cover. (And I think she’s worth waiting for! The Plume covers are awesome, IMO.) The story is pretty much ready to go, so (fingers crossed) you’ll have another Plume fix by the end of the month.

In September, there will be new anthologies, in simultaneous print and digital, for The Wedding and The Plume: Second Anthology.

Plume #7 will be an October release.

Now you know!


The second novella in the linked erotica novellas set at the Plume is now available!

II – Surrender

Mike has always been in love with his co-worker Joanna but is certain his sexual history will turn her off. He’s determined to forget his days of pleasure at the Plume and be “normal”. But when he realizes that Joanna plans to surrender to the Dungeon to pursue her fantasy of captivity, he begs his old pal Rex to let him protect her within the Plume. Rex surrenders Mike to his partner, Athena, to make her fantasy come true, believing that Joanna’s surrender will ensure his own. It seems that everyone will achieve their fantasy except Mike, but passions don’t always run as anticipated within the Plume…

Available from Amazon for Kindle.


The Plan

I’ve had a couple of questions about my overall plan for my novellas. These made me realize that even though I know what I intend to do, I haven’t told anyone else the plan!

So, here we go:

• My intent is to publish one new novella per month

• These novellas will be grouped into series. I’m starting with the Plume, for example, but will have other series too. There will be continuing characters making appearances throughout each series, but…

• The novellas will be grouped. For example, the first three novellas set at the Plume all feature Joanna, who we meet for the first time in SUBMISSION. Although all three of these novellas are erotica with romantic elements, but the end of the third one, Joanna will have found her happy ending. So, the first three novellas all together will be an erotic romance.

• My plan is to create an anthology once each group is completed. So, when the third novella has been published and Joanna has her HEA, I’ll create an anthology with the first three novellas together. This will be Joanna’s story, all in one tidy file or volume. These anthologies will be available both digitally and in a print-on-demand edition (in case you like printed books as much as I do).

The schedule for the rest of this year is SURRENDER (Plume #2) later in October, SEDUCTION (Plume #3) in November, then a Christmas novella set at the Plume in December. I haven’t decided yet whether to continue with the next Plume trilogy in the new year or mix it up a bit. (I suspect that the Plume series will continue longer than the others, just because I like Rex so much.) For example, I’m working on another linked trilogy of novellas, each of which is an erotic romance in itself.

I hope that makes as much sense to all of you as it does to me! Thanks for asking. 🙂