Cute Little Books

Claimed print edition coverAs promised, I’ve been working on print editions of The Phoenix. Some of you like having the individual novellas available on their own, and Createspace offers a perfect format for this. These are 4″ x 6.5″ paperbacks, which is just a little smaller than mass market size. They’re so cute!

The cover is taller and narrower than the digital book cover, so I’ve used a feather background on them all.

These editions will only be available from Amazon and Createspace. It’s not a size that can be put into distribution, but the larger anthologies and collections are available in wider distribution. (More about that next week.)

The cute little books are just heading into the Amazon distribution channel. You can see them on Createspace already:

(which also includes Revealed)





New Pricing on Print Editions

I wasn’t happy with the pricing on my individual stories when they’re published in trade paperback, and it doesn’t look as if you’re very happy with it either. When the books are distributed everywhere, there has to be margin in the price for every step to make some profit and the price ends up being higher. These are only selling at Amazon, though, so I’ve changed the distribution: the individual stories are now available only from Amazon or Createspace, which means the price is lower.

The list price has dropped from $6.99US to $3.99US for Revealed and from $7.99US to $4.99 US on Hunted, Haunted, The Best Man, Always a Bridesmaid and Forever Bound. You’ll see a similar drop in Europe and the UK—the UK price for the majority of these is £3.49 and the EU price is 4.99 euros. (Revealed is a little cheaper yet.)

It’s clear that many of you prefer the anthologies in print, so I’ll get back with my designer to finalize a cover for the first Phoenix anthology. Maybe taking a break from it will have given us a fresh view! 🙂

Pre-Order The Phoenix

I’ve added pre-order links where possible for the next three Phoenix stories: Haunted, Sold and Claimed. I can set pre-orders up at Smashwords, iBooks, and Kobo up to a year in advance, but only for the next 90 days at Amazon. C’est la vie!

They are more spaced out than would be ideal, but there are penalties for missing the upload date on a pre-order, so I’m erring on the side of caution! My hope is that I’ll get them all finished up and catch up, so that the ones after that can be published more quickly in succession. Fingers crossed!

You can find the links on The Phoenix page, right here, along with the copy for each one.