A Tweak

The Wedding Anthology
I was reviewing the proof for the print edition of The Wedding Anthology and had a Eureka moment. The ending of Forever Bound had been bothering me a bit and I finally realized what had to be done.

ForeverBound2I’ve added about four lines to the end of Forever Bound. That revised edition was uploaded this morning to Amazon and Smashwords. It still has to be approved for premium distribution from Smashwords to other portals. Depending where you bought the book, you’ll either automatically get a notification of the new edition being available or you’ll need to ask for it.

Don’t scroll down if you haven’t read it yet, because there’s a SPOILER ALERT HERE.

Just in case you can’t stand waiting, those lines are:

“You’re just in a hurry to get tied down,” Ryan teased and Jess laughed.
“Maybe I am. Do you have any problems with that?”
“Not one,” he said with finality, then kissed her with a sweet heat that made their friends and family break into loud applause.
They were forever bound, and that sounded exactly right to Jess.


The Wedding Anthology

The Wedding Anthology

While the blog hop was in progress, this anthology was published. It hasn’t yet been approved for distribution from Smashwords, so will take a few weeks to get to B&N, Apple and KOBO.


All three linked stories (The Best Man, Always a Bridesmaid and Forever Bound) in one volume, available both digitally and in print.
Available at Amazon.
Available at Createspace.
• Available at All Romance eBooks.
Available at Smashwords.
• also available at Barnes&Noble, KOBO, Apple and Sony.

New Version of Always A Bridesmaid


I ended up with a small continuity error in Always A Bridesmaid, after Forever Bound was completed. Essentially, the last scene in AAB has to happen in the afternoon instead of in the evening. I uploaded a new version of the story to Amazon and to Smashwords this morning, and will do the All Romance eBooks update today. Depending on what portal you use, you’ll either automatically get the updated version when it becomes available or will need to request it. I called it version 1.2, but I’m not sure that passes through the entire distribution channel. Or it might be tagged with today’s date. (?)

It will (of course!) be correct in the anthology, both in digital and print.


I’ve been having a wonderfully productive month, so thought I’d give you all a little update.


I’m just about finished FOREVER BOUND – that’s #3 in the Wedding anthology – and am hoping to publish it this upcoming weekend. I’ll tell you when it’s been uploaded, as usual, and post the links when they go live.

There will be a Wedding anthology, but I’ll have to format the files (for print and digital) plus get a new cover done. With the holidays coming, that anthology might not be available until the new year.

And yes, then I’ll head back to the Plume for SWITCH. 🙂

The Plume: The Second Anthology

This anthology is being published today. I’ll update the links as they go live.

THE PLUME: THE SECOND ANTHOLOGY includes the second three novellas in this series: Deception, Exhibition and Exposure. It’s available in both a digital and a trade paperback edition.

Available from Amazon.
Available from Createspace.
Available from Smashwords.
Available from All Romance eBooks.
Also available digitally from Apple, Barnes & Noble, Sony and KOBO.