An Update

I’m writing away, honest and true! And here’s what you can expect in the next couple of weeks.

ALWAYS A BRIDESMAID is just a tweak away. Fiona gave me some trouble, but we’re all sorted out now. (As soon as Kade got determined, everything was fine.) I expect to publish AAB – which is the second story in The Wedding trilogy – by Monday.

After that will be FOREVER BOUND, #3 in The Wedding trilogy. This one is perking along – lots of good BDSM fun for the happy couple – so it will be published soon. Two weeks, worst case. I’m aiming for it to be a week after AAB but Stuff Happens.

Then, it’s time for EXPOSURE, story #6 in The Plume series. My cover artist is on vacation, so we still need to do the cover. (And I think she’s worth waiting for! The Plume covers are awesome, IMO.) The story is pretty much ready to go, so (fingers crossed) you’ll have another Plume fix by the end of the month.

In September, there will be new anthologies, in simultaneous print and digital, for The Wedding and The Plume: Second Anthology.

Plume #7 will be an October release.

Now you know!

And We’re Back

(It was tempting to call this post “Coitus Interruptus” but the spam would have been unbelievable.)

What happened? I disappeared – and it was all Rex’s fault. I had a plan, nicely charted out, for the story of the Plume. Everything was moving along beautifully, until Rex suddenly insisted that the story be different. He wasn’t going to cooperate with my telling the story my way, and I wasn’t sure I could tell it his way.

I also was uncertain whether SUBMISSION and SURRENDER would need to be modified to accommodate Rex’s perspective. There was no point in more people reading those stories until I was sure.

It is very strange to talk about a fictional character that I have created myself as if he were a real person, but now I understand why writers do this. Rex is opinionated. And persuasive. I guess that’s what makes him so interesting to me.

The point is that now I have a new plan and a new outline, and a way to make both Rex and I happy.

I’m also going to modify my publication schedule a bit, to stay a few steps ahead of this boy and ensure this doesn’t happen again.

My apologies to all of you for disappearing into the ether.

Look for SUBMISSION and SURRENDER to return to availability shortly, and SEDUCTION by mid-January.

Happy holidays everyone! Mine will be happier now that Rex and I have found a middle ground.