The Plume

Welcome to The Plume, a private club where members are bound by their desires — and their fantasies come true.

The Plume Series follows Joanna’s adventures at the Plume, from her first visit to the private pleasure club to her HEA. This is a contemporary romance with a bit of a love triangle, and includes ongoing stories of the characters at the club (Rex and Athena). It was originally published in nine installments, and now that it’s complete, it’s available in three collections of three novellas each. The stories should be read in order.

The Plume: The First Collection, an erotic romance by Ella Ardent The Plume: The Second Collection, an erotic romance by Ella Ardent The Plume: The Third Collection, an erotic romance by Ella Ardent

The Plume: The Complete Collection is available at some portals, too.

The Plume: The Complete Collection, an erotic romance by Ella Ardent

The Plume was originally published in nine installments, each a novella. Those novellas are no longer available individually, but they looked like this:

Surrender by Ella Ardent Seduction by Ella Ardent

SwitchSmall CelebrationSmall

Some of the characters from The Plume appear in The Phoenix Series.

239 thoughts on “The Plume

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    • Glad to hear that you’re all enjoying the Plume series so much. I’m finishing up the Wedding trilogy first, then will get to Exposure. My cover artist is backed up a bit, too – it’s a busy summer!

      Fingers crossed that you’ll be able to read it by the end of August. πŸ™‚

  2. Can’t wait to read Exposure! I have read everything that is available by you. Just finished1st of wedding trilogy. Love your books!

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  5. I have read all 6 of the Plume series, when is next out please. Enjoying your books and can’t wait to find out what happens to Rex.

  6. Ella, thanks so much for a wonderful series. I can’t believe how vested I am in all the characters, though I love Mike and Joanna. Look forward to the next book.

  7. I have tried to purchase Exposure for my iphone and it will not work, as well as the kindle edition from!!!! When will it be availabe for ibooks on apple iphone?

    • That would be awesome. Hope the next books will be as entertaining. I had hoped Rex and Joanna would end up together or get together one more time.

  8. Fantastic series, cant wait for the next 3 books. I know this is premature but you say Flashback is out in October, can you say when the other 2 books will likely be out aswell?? πŸ™‚ Cant wait πŸ™‚
    (ps.. I didnt like what happened to poor Joanna & Mike! ha)

  9. I absolutely cannot wait for Flashback! This series is so consuming, I love it. I’m going to reread the others this next week πŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing your talent in such an exquisite manner.

  10. Do you know when in October the next Plume book is out. Always find it takes a few days to find new books on amazon, search facility not very good. Thank you

    • Hi Nat – I think it will be at the very end of October. Check back here then – I put the hotlinks up as soon as they’re live. The search engines always do take a few extra days to locate everything.

  11. The Plume series takes it to another level. The same as Joanna, I will never look at a windowless van the same way. I have several of my co-workers reading he series. We are probably breaking sexual harrasement laws discussing the books πŸ™‚

  12. Does anyone know why Exposure isn’t available on the Nook? I have read all 5 this weekend and am so upset I can’t get it!!!HELP

  13. I just read the entire series in 2 days! These books are fantastic and so very consuming!! I got so wrapped up in them I got nothing else accomplished till I finished them. I’m suggesting them to all my friends. Can’t wait to read Flashback when it comes out. I’m dying to find out what happens with Mike and Joanna’s relationship and what happens to Rex and the rest of The Plume crew.

  14. I love the books and I’m Impatiently waiting for the next one to come out. Love the idea of safety with fantasy. Now we just need to see how the tides will turn.

  15. Hey just wondering when the next two plume books will be out with apple? I can’t wait there awesome stories.

  16. Hi, thanks for a great read, loved the series so far. When do you expect to release Flashback? I’ve read the others for this first time this week one a day!! I so need to read Flashback ASAP. Thanks for the first book as a free read, that had me hooked.

  17. Well that sucks u don’t get paid from eBay would the seller have helped pay u in anyway as u deserve the money. I have paid for every series off iBooks too does that help you? I hope it does because I love the books. And sorry eBay was the only way I could get them to put on my shelf

    • flossy2012 – there’s been an issue with people selling digital books on eBay which are pirated copies or digital books they bought themselves and are reselling (which is against the license agreement, esp as some of them sell them over and over again.) That’s why I made that comment. Rest assured that if you buy from any online bookseller (Apple, Amazon, B&N, KOBO, Diesel, Sony, etc.), the author gets paid. As for the print editions of my books, you can buy them from Amazon, from Createspace (which is the company that makes them) and from B&N. Any bookseller can order them in, but most won’t stock them as a matter of routine. I’m surprised that you found the print books on eBay though. It’s not where I would expect to find an authorized reseller of Createspace books. Hmm.

      Okay, now I’m thinking about the box of books I ordered myself which disappeared in shipping. Hmm again. Here’s a question for you – inside the back cover of the book on the last page, Createspace lists the date the book was printed. What’s the date on yours? Because you’ve made me curious!

  18. I have just finished reading the Plume series and was wondering when Flashback will be available on Amazon. I cannot wait to carry on reading the story of Joanna and Mike

    • Tomorrow, Karen – but I should warn you that Joanna and Mike won’t finish their journey (and get their HEA) until the Plume series is complete. Would it be a spoiler to tell you that Plume #9 will be called CELEBRATION. Maybe you can guess what kind of celebration it will be!

      • The Mike and Joanna story is the one I really love and you just left it hanging there. Can’t wait to read the next book. Thanks so much

        Sent from my iPhone

  19. I can’t find Flashback! Am desperate for the next installation! Is it actually released? I cannot even seem to preorder it via amazon for the kindle.

  20. Just finished downloading Flashback from Smashwords. Took me forever as I had no clue what I was doing. Had only ordered directly from Amazon. Now I know and will be very quick when “Switch” comes out.
    Question is: Do I read it tonight(almost 1 AM) or when I get up?? Good thing I am off tomorrow!!!!!,,,,,Karen
    PS: Love The Plume!! Wish it was real!!

  21. I couldn’t wait to get home and read Flashback. and it didn’t dissapoint. another great book! I really like the road you took with Leya and Joanna and Mike. I cant wait for the next one. You have such a great gift. Thanks for sharing!!

  22. You can buy it directly from smashwords and open it on your ipad or ipod, thats how I did it. It workss… You’re missing out…

  23. i love the Plume Series….Can’t get enough of it. I was so anxious for Flashback and i am done and can’t waut for Switch. When is that schedule to be released.

  24. Hi Ella
    Thank you for writing the Plume series I loved it. I’m trying to find Flashback for my iPad but have been unsuccessful and I’m itching to find out what happens with Joanna and Mike. Do you know when it will be available
    Many Thanks

    • Hi Vicki – Glad you’re enjoying the series! I’m never quite sure about availability as I use Smashwords to distribute to Apple. It was shipped on November 16, which is all I know. I’m hoping it shows up on Apple soon!

  25. Ella,
    Inquiring minds want to know: When is the next book coming out?????…..Karen

    PS: Send Rex to my house and I will tie him up til you are done!!

  26. Just finished reading the plume series and have to say I love them so erotic and so exciting. Can’t wait till switch is out when will that be?
    Thank you so much Ella for this series love your writing x

  27. I am loving the Plume series. I can’t wait till the next book. Keeping me in suspense. I loved how you tied things to it a tad in The Wedding trilogy. Love you books.

  28. I have been looking everyday for Flashback in iBook but it still isn’t there. 😦 but Forever Bound is and I loved it!! But I am really on pins and needles to find out what happens next! Hoping it is in there soon!

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  30. Loving the story of the plume and can’t wait for the the next two books , when in January is switch to be released , I keep checking amazon everyday for my kindle format , come in woman I’m getting inpatient , I’m pasteing the house waiting , top series and just downloaded te wedding , just hope I enjoy as much as the plume

    • Also could we have a pre order on amazon for the final two books , then that way the books will be automatically delivered when its been uploaded by your good self and we ain’t searching all time for them , thanks

      • Hi Sharon – I’d LOVE to have pre-orders available for my books on Amazon, but that feature is only supported for books from publishers. Indie-pubbed authors (like me) can’t do that. 😦 BUT on the upside, KOBO has just introduced that feature for indie-authors, so maybe it will come to all of the portals this year. (Fingers crossed!)

        You could write to Amazon and explain to them why you’d like to have that feature available. Can’t hurt!

    • LOL Sharon – it’s not done yet. I’m hoping to have it published around the middle of the month. This is the best place to check back for links.

      Glad to hear that you’re enjoying the series so much!

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  32. Ella please can u hurry with ‘switch’ I have them all so far and just finished the wedding one! I am getting bored of no reading! Fantastic books to! I have loved them all. So need my Rex fix xx

    • LOL Kerry – what are we going to do when Rex has his whole story told??? I’m going to miss him.

      Give me another week and I’ll either give you an update or a buy link. πŸ™‚

  33. So Hapy I finally got to read flashback today have now even started reading the wedding series and loving it. Keep up the great work ella don’t know what I do with out them

  34. When I started reading submission I neved realised it was the first of 9 books!!! Apple took their time getting flashback on iBooks but I finally got it and have devoured it in just a day!!
    I just can’t get enough of the stories going on thoughout the books! Great writing Ella … I’m hooked!! Looking forward to switch and hoping that Apple doing take too long uploading it!!!

    • LOL Katie – I didn’t realize there’d be 9 when I started either, but then I did think of it like a television series. Maybe there should have been 13!

      Actually, that’s a good idea for the next series. Hmm.

      • Hmmmm that sounds like a good idea Ella .. I sure am gonna miss Rex when this series comes to an end! 😦 felt so sorry for him about how he’s been treated .. I hope he has a happy ending πŸ™‚
        Gonna read the wedding series very soon .. Hope it’s as good as the plume series!! Hehehe

  35. Ella, I was hoping you would have the book done before I leave on vacation Sunday. Oh well, I hope to get internet access in Arkansas!!

  36. Woo hoo soooo looking forward to Rex having a happy ending!! Don’t let me down!! Lol … Looking forward to switch coming out soon!! πŸ˜‰ xx

  37. ELLA: R u going to do more with Rex in a mother book his story is great and love to have more of all of them I would love to see not 9 but maybe 13 14 15 books about the Plum or maybe about all of them in their own book please don’t let us down give us more about them Love Love Love your books u r so good at writing please give us more about them Thank You For All Your Great books And Time You Put In Making Us Happy

  38. I love this series is there any way to get paperback? Anixously waiting for the last two books! All i can say is Kudos to you Ms. Ardent!!

    • Hi Michelle – yes, the anthologies are available in trade paperback editions. You can order them at Amazon or Createspace – some other places, too, but definitely at those two.

  39. OK, now I really, really need “Switch” now. Still in Hot Springs, Arkansas but now with a broken leg! I Need Something Good To Read!!!!

  40. Wow! After reading the free Submission I just had to go and get both the First and Second Anthology! I finished them both in a lil over a day and now I can’t wait for the Third one to come out. (and its sooooo hard seeing Flashback already out and Switch soon to be released!!! I’ll probably go nuts waiting!!) But, I see Celebration doesn’t come out until March so I’ll be on pins and needs ’til at least April huh? LoL The Plume has been an awesome series so far!! Great job Ella!!!

  41. Please please Please tell me Switch is almost ready!!!!! Your writing is spot on, take it from someone who lives this Lifestyle….50 Shades has NOTHING on Your writing!!

  42. I have read the first seven books so far of the “Plume”. Waiting for the next two. Can’t wait until you get them finished.

  43. I got hooked on the Plume series two weeks ago when Amazon sent an email for free issues of various Kindle books for Prime members. I am hooked!! Please……Switch cannot get here soon enough. Thursday cannot get here soon enough! I’m checking as soon as I awake.

    • Well, relax, Donna. I have one last scene to write, then proofing, formatting etc. I’ll probably upload towards the end of the day. It’ll go live immediately at Smashwords, but have to get processed during the night for other portals.

      Tomorrow morning, you’ll be able to read it. πŸ™‚

      • Kim – Well it depends on what portal you’re shopping at. It will go live internationally and immediately at Smashwords. I’m going to upload directly to KOBO so it will be available internationally when it goes live there, probably 6 or 8 hours later. I’m going to upload directly to B&N this time, so it will be available probably 12 hours later there. Amazon, similarly, will take overnight to process for, then a few hours more for their other portals (UK, DE, CA etc.).

        Apple is the slowest portal. It could take three weeks to get there via Smashwords. :-/

        I’ll tell you all when I upload, then you can start watching your portal of choice!

  44. I need to read celebration. I’m addicted to the plume. Rex definitely does it for me! emotion and sensitivity always make a man more attractive.

  45. Just finished reading Switch. OMG! It was fantastic. Read it from beg to end without stopping. Will Celebration really be coming out in March? Looking forward to the conclusion but sad at the same time as it will be over.
    Have you made plans for what is coming next? Your writing is so so good. Looking forward to what comes next!

  46. I just finish switch I loved it so much u r so good hope the next one comes out in march for I’m on pins and needles here love your books so much keep up the great work

  47. Trust me to be the one who’s been reading your books on iBooks … Damn it switch is still not on there aaaarggh damn iBooks are flipping useless!!!! But I guess on a plus note I’ve still got it to look forward to!! Hehe x

    • You can buy them on sooner and download and open them in iBooks! I can’t stand waiting for them to come to iBooks! πŸ˜‰

  48. Hi Ella!

    In a earlier post, you mentionned that there will be 9 books in total. But really there is 11…Don’t you count the first and second anthology of the plume?

    I am just finishing book one and already hooked!

    • Oh my…LOL

      I guess I missed the part which it states the anthologies where the first 3 books of the series!

      Kinda feel dumb…

  49. Ella said the middle of March so it will be the middle this coming week WooHoo I hope Rex them will not hold her up like last book lol

  50. Please Ella I’m hanging out for Celebration , will b sad that the series ends but need to know wot happens please please

  51. Ella, I am leaving on the Carnival Pride out of Baltimore in 10 Days. Will I have a new story for my Kindle by then???????????

  52. The most amazing books I’ve read!! Your an amazing writer πŸ™‚
    Keep writing, looking forward to future work ( the wedding books, great too).

  53. Ella, will the last 3 books come out as an anthology too? Will it be available when Celebration comes out??…….Karen

    PS: I still think the Count is holding a gun to your head because of what you let happen to him in the last book!

    • Hi Karen – Yes, there will be an anthology of the last three Plume books. It’ll be called The Plume: The Third Anthology and will be available both in print and digitally. I’m not promising a date on it, though!


    • I don’t know, Karen. I think the Count kind of liked Athena’s solution…!

      Yes, there will be an antho of the last three Plume novellas, but probably not right away. Print and digital, let’s say June. πŸ™‚

  54. ‘mhen is celebration going to be released? I’m excited to read the conclusion to the plume but very sad to say good bye to the characters… I hope a new club is in the works….just saying πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Cynthia –

      I think that’s part of the delay. Because it’s the last book in the series, I keep thinking of one more thing I need to include…As for what’s next, we’ll see!

  55. ELLA!!!!…

    I’m dying here, i don’t know how much longer i can wait for Celebration!!.. Do we have an exact date of release yet?..

  56. I was hoping the Easter bunny was going to bring us a sweet treat today. Hopefully, April will bring us something to celebrate.

  57. Please, just a clue on when the next book is coming out. If it is the Count’s fault just let us know and we will send in SWAT to rescue the book. LOL. Desperate to read it, I need to know what happens to them. But I hope this isn’t the last that we hear from The Plume crew. THANKS FOR A GREAT ADVENTURE!!!

  58. Ella, The Plume series and Wedding Trilogy are amazing reads, i’m really looking forward to the release of Celebration. Thank you for blessing us with your creativity.

  59. Omg I can’t wait for celebration to come out…. Im having a heart attack with the wait.
    I love your books!!!!! Thank you.

  60. Ella, I love the Plume series. Can’t wait for Celebration to come out! Any idea when you might be releasing it? Dying to read more of your writing!

  61. Ella, your books are amazing. They are so addictive cannot wait for the finally book, but will also be sad that it’s the end 😦 I absolutely loved the wedding books also. Keep up the good writing! Can’t wait to see what other stories you bring to us.

  62. Just bought Celebration from Amazon. Now, do I read it tonight and forget sleep or wait til tomorrow??? READ IT!!!! or at least start it

  63. Whatever you come up with next… I must confess that I haven’t read The Wedding trilogy yet. I might start on that lols

  64. I loved The Plume books. They were steamy and had a great story to go along with them. I’m starting The Wedding trilogy today…can’t wait!

  65. Oh ya the PLUME series was awesome (own em all!) and I can’t WAIT to meet the new and revisit some of the old characters from the old series in your new Phoenix series!!! πŸ™‚

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