The Wedding

You are invited to a wedding…

• where a mysterious lover fulfills the Maid of Honor’s naughty fantasy—and makes his own dream come true…

• where a bridesmaid seduces a guest to challenge his expectations—and finds true love in the most unlikely of places…

• where the groom has second thoughts until the bride changes the rules—and they find a happily-ever-after beyond their wildest dreams.

The Wedding is a series of romance novellas, each of one features a couple finding their HEA. All three stories are set at a destination wedding. This series is complete with three stories. It’s less important to read these books in order, but there are some continuing elements that you’ll enjoy more if you do.

The Best Man, first in The Wedding series of contemporary romances by Ella Ardent Always a Bridesmaid, second in The Wedding series of contemporary romances by Ella Ardent Forever Bound, third in The Wedding series of contemporary romances by Ella Ardent


41 thoughts on “The Wedding

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  6. When is Forever Bound coming??? I hate waiting!! Also can’t wait for the next Plume to come out! Totally left hanging!!! Love your writing!!

  7. Now that I have Flashback safely downloaded on my Kindle, when do we get to download “Forever Bound” ? When is it’s tentative release month?? Date would be too specific…Karen

    PS: Tell Rex to cool his jets or he will be tied up!! Tell him now he has to wait his turn!

    • You’re right, Karen. Rex has to wait this time. FOREVER BOUND will be next.

      I have to look at what’s done and what needs to be done, then make a plan. I’ll make a post later this week about the timing on upcoming releases. Hmm. I need to get some covers done, too!

    • Thanks Karen. I don’t know what will be next. I have several ideas, but need to tell the stories that are in my head before there’s room for the new ones to develop.

      Which is a long way of saying – I’ll tell you in the spring! 🙂

  8. Hi Ella

    Finished reading Flashback, can’t wait for next installment. So enjoy reading your books, so now waiting for Forever Bound. Any date yet?

    Thanks, just wish you could write a little quicker!!

  9. Ella, Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your books. The Plume series and The Wedding Series are my favorites. Can’t wait for the new releases on both. Thanks for the great stories. 🙂

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  11. I understand that Forever Bound is available on Smashwords. When will it get to Amazon??…..Karen

    PS: Is Rex giving you any more trouble right now??

    • I uploaded it to Amazon at the same time as Smashwords, Karen, but it’s still showing that it’s in review. Their server seems to be a bit backed up right now. Fingers crossed that it goes live there today.

      And Rex is always giving me trouble…it’s one of the things I like about him!

  12. Thanks for the info. I know Amazon is slower than molasses. We blitzed Amazon yesterday and did 90% of our Christmas shopping in less than 30 min……Karen

    PS: Now back to Rex before he blows another gasket!!

  13. OMG I loved The Wedding series. I didn’t want it to end. Am I imagining it or will there be a trilogy about Jake/Christine, Fiona/Kade and Matt/?

    • Hi Lita – Glad you enjoyed the series! Do you mean an anthology of the three stories? If so, yes. It’s being formatted for print right now and I just got the (very pretty) cover today.

  14. Fantastic. I don’t care what it is as long as there is more. Loved it. Oh and I also am dying to read the rest of The Plume. I love your writing!!!

    • Well, it’s not more, Lita. It’s the three stories assembled in one anthology. I guess that’s not what you meant.

      As of this moment, I’m not planning on writing more stories about those characters. There are too many other characters waiting in line.

    • LOL Lita – They can all go on. Let’s think of those characters heading off to their HEA’s with lots of sex. Then we can meet new ones who still have to figure out how to get what they want. That’s the interesting part, at least to me! I have a new series brewing in the back of my mind…

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  16. Read the entire Plume series and just downloaded Switch- if it’s anything like the rest will prioabaly finish it in a day or two. Can’t wait to see what happens … keep writing them and I’ll keep buying them

  17. Love the Plume Series I found it and fell in love the moment I started reading.. Just waiting on the new one to come out.. Great way to keep me entertained!

  18. Hello Ella,
    I loved the wrdding antology but I wanted to know if you etittong a book abouy Mark and Laura. I would love to know what happens with their story.

    Best Regards

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